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Oxygen Cylinder Refill

Oxygen Cylinder Refill

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One refill of an oxygen 424L cylinder (60cm tall, 3.0L volumetric capacity, roughly 2.5 to 3kg). This item will only ship once the empty cylinder is received. Discount is applied automatically when refilling 2 or more. For more information on how this refill service works, read our blog post here.

Empty cylinder return instructions if Ohen Group is collecting:

An automatic discount will be applied for sending back two or more cylinders. Please package your cylinder as you received it via courier: Ensure your pin is closed as tight as possible, point the pin in the upright direction and wrap a piece of paper around the head. Use tape to fasten it in this upright position securely. Ensure that the pin cannot move or turn if pushed.

Empty cylinder return instructions if you choose to send your cylinder to Ohen Group:

Choose this option if you prefer in-store collection and drop off or if you prefer to use your own courier to send the empty cylinder back. We will have your order ready to ship as soon as we receive your empty cylinder. 

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