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Ohen unit Quote

Ohen unit Quote

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Request a quote for an Ohen® medical ozone unit by using the chat icon below or add this product to your order for free and receive a R500 gift voucher. All accessories included for all application of ozone. Visit for more information.

Ohen 4.1

Ohen® has been specially designed to meet the need for high-quality medical ozone generators for health enhancement at home as well as for use by practitioners. We work closely with some of the most respected medical ozone specialists in the world.

Ohen comes with accessories for administration of

  • Ear insufflation
  • Inhalation through olive oil
  • Cupping skin surfaces
  • Bagging limbs
  • Vaginal insufflation
  • Rectal insufflation
  • Ozonating water
  • Disinfection and purification of air

Every unit also comes with:

  • Low flow pediatric oxygen regulator free with the purchase of a full package
  • Customer only online resources
  • Recalibration and certificate with every purchase and service

Features of the Ohen 4.1

  • Low flowrates (from 0.125 litre per minute). This has a dramatic increase in the effect of ozone due to increased concentration leading to more oxidation.
  • Medical grade materials used for the ozone reactor (quartz, medical grade silicone) and other components
  • Extremely safe to administer
  • The only one of it's kind for both home or professional medical use
  • The Ohen® 4.1 is accurately calibrated to produce high-grade medical ozone from 100% oxygen. 

Maximize the benefits of Ozone

For ozone to be of high medical impact it has to be administered in such a way that it enters the bloodstream and circulates systemically to reach the body at cellular level and not only administered superficially on the skin. This can be achieved in several ways the most effective being intravenously or vaginal and rectal insufflations. The latter works in the same way as suppositories and can be done at home. The rich supply of blood vessels to the internal organs rapidly absorbs the ozone and distributes it right through the whole body

A medical ozone unit has to comply with the following:

  1. The oxygen source must be pure medical grade oxygen and NOT ambient air. Ambient air contains less than 20% oxygen and many chemical toxins.
  2. The output of the machine should be measured and calibrated in micrograms of ozone per milliliter of oxygen (µg/mL) and not the industrial standard of milligrams per hour (mg/h)
  3. The machine should be issued with a calibration certificate confirming that the concentration of ozone produced is viable for human use. Concentrations too weak will have no beneficial impact and concentrations too strong are harmful especially to lung tissue.
  4. Medical ozone machines must comply with safety regulations.
  5. The material used in manufacturing medical ozone machines must be of medical grade to produce high quality medical ozone (often other ozone machine manufacturers use industrial standard material). The materials must also be ozone inert; many materials such as plastic and untreated silicon will perish quickly when exposed to medical grade ozone.

All Ohen® models comply with the above

Ohen® units carry a one year warranty and ongoing service and therapy support facilities

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Ohen Units

Ohen has been specially designed to meet the need for high-quality medical ozone generators for home and professional use. We work closely with some of the most respected medical ozone specialists in the world.

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