Why Ozonate Olive Oil?

Why Ozonate Olive Oil?

Charged ozonated olive oil is one of the strongest natural healing substances that our practitioners recommend for various conditions from skin conditions, bacterial infections, cancers and more. But why olive oil? Why not hemp oil or jojoba oil or sunflower oil? It all comes down to a balance between the health value of the oil, ozone content and the consumer reaction to the oil.

Health Value of the Oil:

From a health value of the oil, olive oil is one of the healthiest oils often found with a Mediterranean diet and associated with longevity. Olive oil has a higher moisturising effect than hemp oil promoting glowing and wrinkle free skin. Sunflower oil is a cheap an unhealthy oil which is neither a good option for cooking nor in cosmetic products.

Ozone Content:

The amount of ozone that different oils can hold also varies based on their chemical structure. Olive, hemp and sunflower oils can hold the highest concentration of ozone. Between olive, hemp and sunflower oils, sunflower can hold the most with hemp oil coming in second.

Human Reaction to the Ozonated Oil:

The last factor is how different people react to the different oils and this is based on the amount of ozone each oil can hold. Sunflower and hemp oils are more likely to irritate and cause issues due to holding higher concentrations of ozone. This is not ideal for people with sensitive skin and can cause a stronger reaction for certain skin conditions (which is the main purpose of ozonated oil). 


So, to sum it up...

Olive Oil: healthy & highest moisturising content, 3rd highest ozone content, suitable for all people

Hemp Oil: healthy, 2nd highest ozone content, most likely to irritate the skin

Sunflower Oil: unhealthy, highest ozone content, most likely to irritate the skin


To learn more about how our organic ozonated olive oil can be used, visit Ohen Group Academy public resources.

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