Risks of Essential Oils Mixed with Ozone

Risks of Essential Oils Mixed with Ozone

Essential oils have shown to provide various benefits in cosmetics and skin products enhancing mood, mental clarity and alleviate symptoms of various illnesses. It is natural to consider combining ozone and essential oils to create a fully therapeutic and refreshing product. However, at Ohen Group we avoid mixing essential oils and ozone in the same product for human use.

 The Benefits:

Essential oils have been shown to produce great benefits when mixed with ozone; for example, chlorine dioxide, ozone, and thyme essential oil have been found to be effective in killing Escherichia coli O157:H7 on lettuce and baby carrots (Singh, N. et al., 2002). The reaction between ozone and essential oils also reduces a naturally occurring oil, 1-octen-3-ol, found in essential oils and human sweat (Nicolas, M et al., 2005). This oil is what attracts mosquitoes.

The Risks:

On the other hand, the reaction between essential oils and ozone increases the presence of formaldehyde and m,p-tolualdehyde (Nicolas, M et al., 2005). The former is classified as a carcinogenic and both can cause eye irritation or eye damage long term. 

Our Response:

At Ohen Group, we're all about improving the healing response and reducing non-essential and harmful ingredients and therefore we choose not to mix essential oils and ozone in the same product for cosmetics.


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